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The Providence College Cheerleading Team will be holding spring tryouts on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 3 pm - 7 pm in Alumni Gym. Those interested in trying out should email head coach Lauren Millette at before the tryout date.

If you are interested in trying out but cannot attend the tryouts, a video can be submitted in place of a tryout. In the video, please include: tumbling, stunting abilities, jumps and motions.

What To Expect
The squad is made up of 20-30 athletes who dedicate lots of time and energy to PC Cheerleading. The team practices four times per week while attending games, fundraisers and various events on campus. Team members have a competitive drive that must be maintained throughout the year. Team members are expected to perform in front of large crowds at games and competitions. All cheerleaders are expected to represent the team and the school in a traditional collegiate mannner. Academic performance is very important and the team has maintained a Team GPA of over 3.00 over the past few years.

Late Night Madness
Every year the cheerleaders perform a routine for "Late Night Madness". This event marks the beginning of the basketball season where the student body will be introduced to the Cheerleaders, Dance Team, Band, Women's Basketball Team and Men's Basketball Team.

Games and Tournaments
The cheerleaders perform during Men's Basketball games at The Dunkin' Donuts Center in downtown Providence. Games are televised on both Local and National Television. Specific games can be seen on CBS and ESPN! The team also cheers at Women's Basketball Games located in Alumni Hall on campus.  Every year the team travels to New York City for the Big East Tournament which is held in Madison Square Garden. Over a span of four days all Big East teams go head to head for the conference championship.

Competition is a huge goal held by the cheerleaders at Providence College. The team works hard all year in order to perfect the skills necessary for competition. The team has had a competitive presence in the past at local competitions as well as NCA collegiate nationals in Daytona, Florida.
*Cheerleaders participate in Fundraising activities to help alleviate the cost of Nationals*

For more information about cheerleading at Providence College please contact:

Lauren Millette
Head Cheerleading Coach
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI 02918
(781) 820-7062

Samantha Wood
Cheerleading Graduate Assistant
(401) 865-1773


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