School Seal
    PC Seal

    The seal of Providence College consists of a torch superimposed on a triangle. In symbolism, the triangle represents the Trinity. Thus is signified an education which considers human existence in relation to eternity, which goes beyond the natural order and teaches the student to live according to the higher principles of supernatural grace.

    The torch, always indicative of learning, is particularly emblematic of a Dominican institution since it is part of the device of one of the oldest shields of the Order. At the outset it referred to Saint Dominic himself who so magnificently conquered error by the Light of Truth, and who personally and through his followers was responsible, in no small measure, for the full flowering of the medieval universities. This tradition for learning the Friars Preachers carried to every part of the world.

    The flame of the torch signifies the soul of man; the light of the flame indicates his mind. The torch is always borne aloft. The flame, therefore, towers over the surrounding symbols and typifies leadership among men.

    The motto of the College is Veritas. It means Truth, which is the proper object of all intellectual activity.

    The Diamond Jubilee logo depicts the long tradition of Dominican influence on the College.