Volleyball in the Big East

    Year    Champions   Runner-up   Tournament MVP
    1982    Pittsburgh  Georgetown  Julie Gaul (Pitt)
    1983    PROVIDENCE  Pittsburgh  LORI DERENTIIS (PC)
    1984    Pittsburgh  PROVIDENCE  Ulana Kohutiak (Pitt)
    1985    PROVIDENCE  Pittsburgh  KAREN FERREIRA (PC)
    1986    Pittsburgh  PROVIDENCE  Lisa Stewart (Pitt)
    1987    PROVIDENCE  Pittsburgh  BARBARA PREHATNY (PC)
    1988    Pittsburgh  Syracuse    Denise Frawley (Pitt)
    1989    Pittsburgh  Syracuse    Jenelle Latagne (Pitt)
    1990    Pittsburgh  Georgetown  Ann Marie Lucanie (Pitt)
    1991    Pittsburgh  Syracuse    Ann Marie Lucanie (Pitt)
    1992    Pittsburgh  PROVIDENCE  Ann Marie Lucanie (Pitt)
    1993    Pittsburgh  Seton Hall  Ann Marie Lucanie (Pitt)
    1994    Pittsburgh  Seton Hall  Carrie Thornton (Pitt)
    1995    Notre Dame  Pittsburgh  Angie Harris (ND)
    1996    Notre Dame  Piitsburgh  Lindsay Treadwell (ND)
    All-BIG EAST Selections
    1982:   Trisha O'Brien and Lori DeRentiis
    1983:   Judy Barnes
    1984:   Trisha O'Brien and Lori DeRentiis
    1985:   Sandi Reda (Northern Division Freshman of the Year)
    1986:   Joan Dever, Karen Ferriera
    1987:   Debbie Matejka (Northern Division Freshman of the Year)
    1988:   Debbie Matejka
    1989:   Debbie Matejka
    1990:   Debbie Matejka (All-Conference)
    1991:   Aileen Koprowski (Rookie of the Year)
    1992:   Aileen Koprowski (All-Conference)       
    1993:   Aileen Koprowski (All-Conference-Second Team) 
    1994:   Aileen Koprowski (All-Conference First Team)
            Becky Loftus (All-Conference Second Team)
    1996:   Becky Loftus (All-Conference Second Team)

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