Rutgers vs Providence College (Oct 27, 2011)
      Soccer Box Score  
    Soccer Box Score (Final)
    Rutgers vs Providence College (Oct 27, 2011 at Providence, RI)

    Rutgers (8-8-3) vs.
    Providence College (8-8-4)
    Date: Oct 27, 2011 Attendance: 265
    Weather: partly cloudy, scattered showers

    Goals by period   Total 
    Providence College 


    Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A 
    GK   1   SIMPKINS, Emmy  
    M   7   PACE, Stefanee  
    F   9   SCHOLZ, Stefanie  
    D   11  BRETON, Rachel  
    M   12  MEDCALF, Ashley  
    D   13  EDWARDS, Jasmine  
    F   16  INACIO, Cassie  
    D   20  KENNEDY, Morgan  
    M   22  McLAUGHLIN, Maura  
    F   23  LANCOS, Julie  
    D   77  LEIGH, Tori  
          --- Substitutes --- 
      17  PRICE, April  
      21  PIETRANGELO, Amy  
      25  REINECKE, Taylor  

    ##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
    1   SIMPKINS, Emmy   90:00 
    Providence College
    Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A 
    GK   0   Walker, Caitlin  
    D   2   Martino, Alyssa  
    D   7   Roncarati, Jenna  
    D   9   Shea, Alexia  
    F   12  Warman, Cynthia  
    M   14  Collins, Courtney  
    M   15  Castle, Emily  
    F   16  Bartini, Taylor  
    M   23  Vercollone, Mary  
    M   25  DiClemente, Laura  
    D   27  Walton, Allison  
          --- Substitutes --- 
      22  O'Connor, Kerry Ann  

    ##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
    0   Walker, Caitlin   90:00 
    Shots by period   Total 
    Providence College 
    Corner kicks   Total 
    Providence College 
    Saves by period   Total 
    Providence College 
    Fouls   Total 
    Rutgers  10 
    Providence College 
    Goal  Time  Team  Goal Scorer  Assists  Description 
    1.  56:01  PC   Bartini, Taylor (5)  COLLINS, Courtney  14 sent ball down right sideline and 16 put in bottom L of goal 


    RU   #TM  Team   Yellow card  80:58 
    RU   #23  LANCOS, Julie   Yellow card  84:12 
    PC   #25  DiClemente, Laura   Yellow card  86:52 

    Officials: Referee: Ed Shea; Asst. Referee: Michael Wallace; Michael Correia; Alt. Official: Ed Resendes; Timekeeper: Justin Kahle; Scorer: Elizabeth Bergman;
    Offsides: Rutgers 2, Providence College 1.

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