Jackie Duncan Hosting Senior Art Thesis in Smith Center

Duncan's art show will be on display until May 7 at the Reilly Gallery.

May 5, 2010

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Senior women's ice hockey player Jackie Duncan (Kitchener, Ontario) will be presenting her senior art thesis in the Smith Center on the campus of Providence College until Friday, May 7. The thesis reception will take place on Friday, May 7 at the Reilly Gallery from 7 to 9 pm.

Duncan said, "Photography is the primary form of expression that I use to create, filter and interpret the visual world I encounter. I believe with no predetermined plan that art flows intuitively from our natural ability to see, absorb and transform. I also believe that not all art can be fully explained, and this is often the desired destination for my photographic work. I aspire to produce pieces aimed at a visual response for the viewer that creates fresh feelings or sensibilities; ultimately these may test their preconceived beliefs or established points of view. "

"Recently, I have studied the ubiquitous `concern with appearance' that women deal with everyday. This `concern with appearance' is fueled by modern technology, popular culture and the media. In every part of the world, standards of beauty and appearance have been tantamount for females. These standards place definitions of what is and what is not attractive. The media bombards women with beauty and body image standards that are unreal and unattainable. My photographs and printing techniques exaggerate and distort the bodies of my female subjects. I am not focused on the individual or their personal identity but rather my concern is with the basic core of the female form. Each piece reflects a constancy of the female body. Captured by the lens, these simplified female lines express the inner feelings of women and imply a consciousness that communicates to the viewer. The visual language reconstructs these female forms to provoke a unique response by delicately exposing the `concern with appearance' within these female shapes that ultimately tells a universal truth."



Duncan is a studio art major who played in 81 games during her four years as a Friar. She finished her career with seven goals and 14 assists for 21 points.
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