Field Hockey Alumni Update - 9th Edition Featuring Sarah Dagrosa '05

Sarah Dagrosa

June 24, 2014


For our ninth edition of the field hockey program's Alumni Update/Meet the Friars, rising junior Jackie Fusco checks in with Sarah Dagrosa '05.

Jackie: What does it mean to you to be a Providence College Field Hockey (PCFH) alum?

Sarah: Being a PC field hockey alum means a lot to me. As a coach of field hockey and softball on the high school level as well as a teacher, I learned so much from Coach Madl, Tina and my fellow players, and respect how much patience and understanding coach has. She is so level-headed on the side lines where I have to really work to be calm. To be a female athlete and work so hard with, and for, a team that is made up of girls you love and respect has made up some of who I am as a person... I demand the team to be serious on the field, but off field, the best team is one made up of friends and has fun... Coach always knew it was more than just the game.

Jackie: Why did you choose to wear #4?

Sarah: I chose to be # 4 as I was that number for most of my career in high school for field hockey and softball as well. When I was really little I was assigned a report on the baseball great Lou Gehrig (who was #4), his farewell address, career, and his life. Not only was he an amazing player but also so modest and humble, even as he had to bow out because of his sickness. I just remember thinking he had it right, as sports can sometimes get super serious and you don't remember to enjoy the moment on the field with your teammates. Lou saw the big picture and enjoyed every second of time he had!

Jackie: What is your favorite memory from when you were a student at Providence College?

Sarah: So many crazy memories and fun times. Too many to choose from! Loved my teammates, especially my class with Amy Phillips and Meredith Jones. We dressed up for Halloween as crazy things ever year. We always loved Halloween. I always loved the city as it reminded me of home. Close to the beach, close to the city and to Boston. Going to different areas of Providence and Boston was so fun. Also, even though I am a die-hard Philly sports fan, I loved being in New England when the Patriots and the Red Sox won it all. October and playoffs in the Boston area are the best. It must have been so fun this year as well!!



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