Field Hockey Alumni Update - 8th Edition Featuring Gina Martiniello '94

    June 5, 2014


    For our 8th edition of the Field Hockey Alumni Update/Meet the Friars, rising sophomore Adrienne Houle (Burlington, Ontario) checks in with Gina Martiniello '94.

    Adrienne: Why did you choose number 25?

    Gina: Not sure how I got that number. I was a goalie and the only thing that mattered is that I was Friar!

    Adrienne: What is your favorite memory from being on the Providence field hockey team?

    Gina: There are so many terrific memories and friendships created from being a member of the Providence field hockey team that it’s hard to pinpoint just one, but winning the BIG EAST Championship was a great one. Our flight/trips to Michigan, Ohio and Virginia definitely topped the list of good times. Being late for practice with Cathy Guden and having to run with Coach at 6am was a not such a good one. And, I suppose a claim to fame memory was riding up the service elevator at the Hershey Park Hotel with a bunch of the Mets players. That was an interesting one.

    Adrienne: Did you have any rituals before games?

    Gina: Not really, but I always listened to music before the games to get myself focused. The Rocky theme songs being my favorites of course!

    Adrienne: What does it mean to you to be a Providence College Alumni?

    Gina: Being a PC Alumni comes with a great deal of pride especially having been part of such a strong athletic program, where so many talented athletes have played. It brings me great pride to know that my children have thoughts of following my footsteps someday of being a Friar as well.