Meet The Friars: Part 12

Kasey Bulman

June 4, 2013


Here is our most recent installment of Meet The Friars, and we're checking in with rising senior Kasey Bulman (Farmingdale, N.J.). Prior to Providence College, Kasey attended St. John Vianney (NJ).

During the 2012 season, Kasey served as an assistant captain. She played all 18 games for the Friars and appeared in the starting line-up 17 times at right back. Kasey also is a member of the team's offensive and defensive corner units. For her career, she has played 52 games and owns six points on two goals and two assists.

Let's meet Kasey Bulman!

1. Why did you decide to come to Providence College?

I decided to come to Providence because I loved the team atmosphere. The chemistry of our team is unlike any other team I came across. Because of my great teammates, my transition here was flawless, since they progressed from my teammates to my family in a matter of days. But field hockey wasn’t the only reason I chose Providence. I also loved the family atmosphere of the College as a whole. PC is a place where everyone knows your name and it is comforting to feel the warmth of a great support system.

2. What is your favorite professional sports team? Why?

My favorite professional sports team right now is the New York Rangers. I love the speed and physicality of hockey and the strength, quickness and toughness required to play it. I also love to watch because it gives me ideas of plays and tricks to use in our games.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up? Any story behind it?

When I grow up, I want to be involved in sports whether it be through coaching or through sports marketing. I have been surrounded by sports my entire life with both my parents being very active in the coaching world. By constantly being a part of a “team” since the day I was born, I can’t imagine my life without it. Currently, I am interning for the Ocean State Waves, a collegiate baseball team in the NECBL. I am working in sports marketing and promotions department and I LOVE it.



4. What personality traits do you take from your mom? From your dad?

My mom and I share the same work ethic. She works tirelessly at whatever task she is given until it is completed the right way. I have also taken her trait of punctuality since I HAVE to be early for everything or else I get anxious. And finally I take from my mom her competitiveness. Whether it be a card game or the national championship, my mom brings the same intensity. My dad is a very laid-back individual. He doesn’t need an agenda, isn’t easily flustered and just goes with the flow and I take after him in that respect. My dad will also talk to anyone who will listen to him and I share that trait with him as well. My dad and I also share the same sarcastic, “punny”, corny sense of humor that both our family and friends hate to admit is funny sometimes.

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