Field Hockey Alumni Update - 6th Edition Featuring Ali Kornfeld '09

Ali Kornfeld '09

May 1, 2014


Hi Friar fans! I recently had the opportunity to talk with former Friar Ali Kornfeld about her experience at Providence College and her time as a student-athlete on the field hockey team. Ali graduated in 2009 and we share the same uniform number... #12. Here's my chat with Ali! Go Friars!

Henni: What is your best memory?

Ali: My best memory from PCFH? Hmm. Probably my sophomore year season (2006-2007). My freshmen year we had a really tough go at it, so it was pretty awesome to bounce back the way we did. We thought maybe we'd even go to the NCAA tournament. We didn't end up getting a bid, but we had a spectacular season and worked our butts off.

My favorite memory that I look back on and laugh about the most was our skit from freshman year. I don’t know if you guys still do this, but all of the athletes used to get together and each team performed a skit. Our skit was hilarious and when I get together with my teammates we always laugh hysterically about it.

Henni: What do you miss the most about being a part of PCFH?

Ali: The thing I miss the most is definitely the team camaraderie. I remember being so struck by how much we loved each other. During our preseason running tests I would tear up because you could just feel the love. If you ask Coach, she'll tell you, I'm a crier. Anyway, we would run with each other having just finished the run ourselves, we would scream our heads off to encourage the girls running, and we would celebrate with each other when we passed. I miss working hard like that for yourself, but also for the people around you because they're your teammates and you owe it to them. That feeling doesn't really happen in the real world. I'm not crying because I'm just SO PROUD of my co-workers. I miss that feeling.

Henni: Why did you chose to be #12?



Ali: I have no idea why I chose #12. I was #12 my whole life, way before Providence. My best friend growing up was always #11, so I think I just chose it from middle school on because we were best friends. I'm old now my memory doesn't go back that far...

Henni: Did you enjoy watching any other PC games/sports?

Ali: I think we all enjoyed watching all of the PC sports because we were friendly with most of the teams. It was fun to see our friends out there working hard. The men’s soccer team was always pretty good when I was at Providence, so those games were fun to watch. Lacrosse games were fun too. It was nice to be out on the field in the spring sunshine after a long New England winter.

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