Field Hockey Alumni Update - 4th Edition Featuring Mollie Costello '97

Freshman Kali Kilmer

April 10, 2014


For the 4th edition of the field hockey program's Alumni Update, freshman Kali Kilmer checks in with Mollie Costello, who is a 1997 graduate of Providence College.

Kali is currently #17 on the team, and was charged with the task of connecting with an alum who wore the same uniform number! Here is what Kali and Mollie talked about:

Kali: Was there any inspiration behind choosing your number?

Mollie: Number 17 is so special to me. Many important things have happened to me on the 17th and I was always #17 growing up, but when I was a freshman at PC a senior had my number so I had to settle for #13. I ended up being injured almost my entire freshman year so needless to say as soon as jersey #17 became available I switched!

Kali: Did you have any rituals or superstitions prior to games?

Mollie: My senior year I definitely had some pre-game rituals... Heather Koopman always did two French-braids in my hair before every single game. I was a stick stopper on corners so in the beginning of the season, when it was hot and sunny, I had to wear eye black. Well, we started the season really strong so for the rest of our games my teammates made me wear eye black no matter what the weather. Freezing rain and I would still have eye black on. We all had some strange things that we did and believed that somehow they brought us luck.

Kali: What was it like being the runner-up in the BIG EAST Tournament during your 1996 season?

Mollie: Every year our goal was to win the BIG EAST. Although playing in the tournament and having a good regular season was always great, not being able to achieve our goal was disappointing. At the time you think all that hard work was for nothing but eventually you realize how much the team improved and how far you had come.



Kali: What is your favorite memory as a Friar and Providence College Field Hockey player?

Mollie: My favorite memory as a Friar goes beyond the field hockey field. I am originally from California and I was Jackie Barto's first player from California. Although my parents came to games when they could, obviously they couldn't come to all of them, so I had a PC family. My PC family were teammates, roommates, friends and all of their families. They always invited me home for holidays and made sure I was taken care of. The friendships that I made on and off the field continue to be so special to me. I now live in Massachusetts and I meet new people all the time who went to Providence. It is without a doubt a very special connection that I will always cherish.

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