Meet The Friars: Part 6

Rachael Paul

March 22, 2013


We're back with our sixth installment of Meet The Friars and we're eager to introduce sophomore Rachael Paul. Rachael is from Waltham, Mass. and attended Brewster Academy before coming to Providence College.

Let's check in with Rachael!

1. Why did you decide to come to PC?

I decided to come to Providence because of the athletic and academic community. I had always attended the Circle to Circle field hockey camp and loved them. They were the right combination of fun, but also left me feeling like I had gotten better after each camp. When I came on my visit to meet coach and the team everyone on campus was so welcoming, and the team really had that family feel to it.

2. What is your favorite event in the weight room and why?

My favorite weight room event are when coach White gives us a "challenge set". The challenge can be anything from doing an extra back squat, to climbing the rope. I enjoy the challenge set because it's really exciting to see how much I have improved on an event that we don't typically do every lift. I also like the challenge sets because it's great to watch teammates put their last bit of energy into another task, after you've watched them and supported them through a whole lift.

3. If you could make any fictional character come to life, which would it be and why?

If I could make any fictional character come to life it would be Ramona Quimby. I read every single book there was about Ramona and all of the adventures she got into. I liked how everything she did was realistic and how quirky she was. If she were real we would be best friends for sure.

4. What are your three most loved food items?

My three most loved food items are raviolis, chicken tortilla soup and, of course, chocolate.



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