Meet The Friars: Part 1

Callie Vitalo

Feb. 6, 2013


The Providence College field hockey program is embarking on its non-traditional spring season. The team is working hard and getting ready for another exciting season in 2013. During the spring, the program will feature a "Meet The Friars" section right here on Up first is sophomore Callie Vitalo.

Vitalo just completed her second season with the program this fall. She attended high school at Ward Melville and is from East Setauket, N.Y. During the 2012 campaign with the Friars, Vitalo played 17 games and appeared in the starting line-up 14 times. She attempted one shot and one defensive save.

Why did you decide to come to Providence College?

I decided to come to Providence because of the overall environment of the campus. Everyone was really nice, the campus is beautiful, and it is a very competitive field hockey program.

What is the funniest childhood memory you have?

My funniest childhood memory is from when I was in preschool. The girls who I went to preschool with are still my best friends today. One day we heard a loud bang from the kitchen play room. The wooden refrigerator fell on my best friend and she was stuck underneath it. She was totally fine, but when they got her out we had to sing 'Barney' songs to her to make her stop crying. We still make fun of her for it, and she is still very sensitive about it.

What movie would you watch if you wanted to cheer yourself up? Why?

I would watch Rent because I love all the music and the story. Also because it reminds me of the times I saw the play with my family and friends.

What article of clothing best describes who you are? Why?

Sneakers would best describe me because I love playing sports and I enjoy doing many different physical activities.



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