BLOG #2: Competing Against Estonia

Evi Iiskola on the bus to practice in Tallinn with the Finnish National Team.

May 28, 2014

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Hello Again!!

Time flies and here I am writing my second blog post. We came back from Estonia on Sunday and unfortunately we did not do as well as we were supposed to. However, during the trip we learned a lot and we know where we need to get better as a team to win games. We left for Estonia on Thursday morning by taking a cruise ship to Tallinn (the capital of Estonia). Two and a half hours later we were in Tallinn and we went straight to practice from the harbor. After practice we had dinner at our fancy hotel and just hung out and played cards with some teammates.

Friday was a practice day so we had two practices; a team practice in the morning and a shooting practice in the evening. We also had some time to explore Tallinn, even though everyone had been there before. It is pretty common for Finnish people to go to Tallinn to do some shopping and see the city. Almost everything is cheaper in Estonia than in Finland! And it is so easy and affordable to get there!

Anyway, back to basketball... We had a shoot-around Saturday morning to get ready for the game at 7 p.m. We had a good warm up and everyone was pumped before the game. I don't know what happened come game time, but we were not able to play as a team and we did not match with the aggressiveness of Estonia. We ended up losing the game to a team that we should have beaten. The same thing happened on Sunday at the scrimmage and we lost again by two points. We realize that as the "real" games are getting closer we need to take advantage of every practice, because we do not have that many practices before the qualifications start.

After these games we have a better knowledge of what we have to do to get where we want to be, which is to qualify for the European Championships next summer. After two pretty disappointing games we returned to the harbor and got back to Finland. We are leaving to Slovenia to play and practice on Thursday morning [May 29].

I have never been to Slovenia so that should be exciting! I'll also have time to take a good look at my online classes that started yesterday. Yay, I cannot wait!

I promised to take more photos and I did take some! I'll catch you all later!





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