Sept. 7, 1997

    PROVIDENCE (0-1-0, 0-1-0) at NOTRE DAME (0-1-1, 0-0-1) Sunday, September 7, 1997 Alumni Field - Notre Dame, Indiana

    Providence Starting Lineup  
    GK: Pires
    F: Eisenhut, Kruse
    MF: McConnville, Brown, Acaveedo, Holterhoff   
    D:  Castigan, Kostrzewski, McDonald, Riccobono
    Notre Dame Starting Lineup
    GK:  Velho
    F:  Wells, Aris, Turner
    M:  Johnson, Gallo, McKnight, Bocklage
    B:  McNew,  Woods, Murphy
    Time    Description                                             Score
    0:00    ND kicks off 
    2:19    PC shot by Kruse, save by Velho
    2:32    PC corner kick
    12:10   ND corner kick
            ND sub Maio for Turner
    18:03   ND shot Aris from 15 yards out, wide left
    19:19   ND shot Aris from left corner of box, save Pires
    20:43   ND corner kick
    20:55   ND Goal, Woods from McKnight and Wells                  1-0
    28:52   PC shot Acevedo header, wide right
    29:47   PC shot Kruse header from top of box, save Velho
    32:10   ND shot McKnight, save Pires
    32:30   ND corner kick
    35:54   ND shot Aris, wide right
    36:01   ND sub Savarino for Bocklage
            PC sub Bussman for Kruse
    38:34   PC sub O'Toole for Riccobono
    41:00   ND sub Turner for Wells; Cutler for Maio
    42:28   ND Goal, Aris from McKnight, Woods                      2-0
    Halftime Score: Notre Dame 2 Providence 0
    45:00   PC kicks off
    46:55   PC yellow card Eisenhut
    47:59   PC shot Holterhoff, save Velho
    49:35   ND shot Johnson, deflected off PC defender
    51:42   PC shot Dorsey, over right crossbar
    55:20   ND Goal McKnight from Savarino                          3-0
    57:30   ND sub Cutler for Maio & Wells for McKnight
            PC sub Bussman for Holterhoff
    63:00   ND corner kick
    68:00   ND shot Savarino wide right
    68:08   ND sub Bocklage for Turner
    68:13   PC sub Smith for Brown
    68:25   ND corner kick
    68:30   ND shot McNew header, save Pires
    68:45   ND corner kick
    73:56   ND shot Savarino off direct kick, save Pires
    76:14   PC sub Corrigan for Acevedo; Costigan for Kostrzewski
    76:21   ND sub Turner for Bocklage
    77:20   PC shot Kruse, save Velho
    78:12   PC sub Abbate for Costigan
    79:36   ND sub McKnight for Aris
    82:23   ND shot Savarino wide left
    82:30   ND sub Howard for Savarino
    82:32   PC sub Holterhoff for Eisenhut
    83:26   ND shot Wells, over crossbar
    86:10   ND shot McKnight from just outside the penalty box, save Pires
    86:50   ND sub Pridmore for Gallo
            PC sub Kostrzewski for McDonald; Brown for Bussman
    87:00   ND corner kick
    87:10   ND shot Woods header, save Pires
    88:53   PC shot Holterhoff, save Velho
    89:57   ND shot Woods, save Pires
    FINAL SCORE:  Notre Dame 3, Providence 0