1997 Season in Review

September 3 at Chestnut Hill, Mass. (Game 1)
Providence (0-1-0, 0-1-0)	0	0	--	0
Boston College (1-1-0, 1-0-0)	1	1	--	2
SCORING:  BC, KEVIN BOYD (Andy Stein, Julio Keeffe) 36:20; BC, Boyd (unassisted) 84:42 
SAVES:  BC, Chris Hamblin 4; PC, Daniel Pires 3.  
Winning or tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: The Providence College men's soccer team dropped its season opener to Boston College by the score of 2-0 in BIG EAST action at BC's Shea FIeld. Friar Captain Juan Acevado and teammate Robert Kruse totaled five of Providence's eight shots in the game. Junior goaltender Daniel Pires made three saves in the loss.

September 7 at South Bend, Ind. (Game 2)
Providence (0-2-0, 0-2-0)	0	0	--	0
Notre Dame (1-1-1, 1-0-1)	2	1	--	3
SCORING:  ND, ALAN WOODS (Scott Wells, Reggie McKnight) 20:55; ND, Andrew Aris (McKnight, Alan Woods) 42:28; ND, Mcknight (Bill Savarino, Matt McNew) 55:20.
SAVES:  ND, Greg Velho 5; PC, Daniel Pires 7.  
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Game Notes: The Friars dropped their second straight game of the season as Notre Dame freshman midfielder Reggie McKnight led the Irish offense with four points. Providence was outshot in the contest 16-7. PC's Daniel Pires had seven saves in the loss.

September 10 at Providence, R.I. (Game 3)
Connecticut (1-2-1, 0-2-0)	1	0	0	--	1
Providence (1-2-0, 1-2-0)	0	1	1	--	2
SCORING:  C, Alex Cortes (Brent Rahim, Maurizio Rocha) 34:52;  PC, John Costigan (Michael Eisenhut) 87:22;  PC, BOBBY BROWN (Eisenhut) 93:19. 
SAVES:  PC, Daniel Pires (93:19) 4; C, Matt Chavlovich (93:19) 9.
Winning or tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: Providence junior midfielder Bobby Brown scored 3:19 into overtime to give the Friars their first victory of the season and their first victory against Connecticut since 1984. Junior goaltender Dan Pires registered four saves in the game as Providence improved its record to 1-2 overall.

September 13 at Providence, R.I. (Game 4)
Pittsburgh (3-0-2, 2-0-1)	2	2	--	4
Providence (1-3-0, 1-3-0)	1	0	--	1
SCORING:  P, Phil Matilla (unassisted) 17:44; P, REAGAN BENDER (unassised) 19:34; PC, Andrew McConville (direct kick) 42:04; P, Matilla (Jason Piombino) 54:03; P, Brian Baleno (Piombino) 83:53.  
SAVES:  P, Chris Hanlon 5;  PC, Daniel Pires, 5. 
Winning or tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: The University of Pittsburgh led by sophomore midfielder Phil Matilla's two goals defeated PC, 4-1. It helped Pitt remain undefeated in BIG EAST play. The Friars received their offense via a direct kick by Andrew McConville in the first half. Providence junior goalkeeper Daniel Pires registered five saves in the loss.

September 17 at Providence, R.I. (Game 5)
Yale(2-0-0)	1	2	--	3
Providence (1-4-0)	0	1	--	1
SCORING:  Y, Jac Gould (Chung-Ming Ip) 15:58; Y, NEILL GUILBERT(unassisted) 65:05; PC, Juan Acevedo (Robert Kruse) 65:44; Y, Greg Bassmann (unassisted) 86:40. 
SAVES:  Y, David Boehmer 10; PC, Daniel Pires, 9.
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Game Notes: Yale's Neill Guilbert and Jac Gould led the Bulldog attack as Yale remained undeafed. PC was led by senior captain Juan Acevedo's second half goal. Goalkeeper Daniel Pires registered nine saves in the loss.

September 20 at Providence, R.I. (Game 6)
Fairfield (1-4-1)	0	1	--	1
Providence (2-4-0)	1	2	--	3
SCORING:  PC, Matt O'Toole (unassisted) 17:43;  PC, JUAN ACEVEDO (Keith Dorsey) 46:01;  FU, A.J. Colantoni (Brian Homowitz) 53:42;  PC, Andrew McConville (Penalty Kick) 55:33.
SAVES:  PC, Daniel Pires 4; FU, Chris Sheckley 4.
Winning or tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: The Friars corralled the Stags with a 3-1 win. Freshman back Matt O'Toole opened the scoring for the Friars. Captain Juan Acevedo got his second straight goal in as many games and goalkeeper Daniel Pires recorded four saves for his second win of the season.

September 23 at Providence, R.I. (Game 7)
Harvard (2-1-1)	1	1	--	2
Providence (2-5-0)	0	1	--	1
SCORING:  H, Tom McLaughlin  (Ricky Le) 22:33;  H, McLAUGHLIN (Richard Powell, Will Hench) 75:54; PC Juan Acevedo (Bobby Brown)            	 83:32.
SAVES:  H, Jordan Dupuis 8;  PC, Daniel Pires 2.
Game Winning or tying goal in CAP

Game Notes: Senior Captain Tom McLaughlin led the Harvard offense with four points (two goals). Providence received its offense from captain Juan Acevedo on a pass from midfielder Bobby Brown. PC's record moved to 2-5-0.

September 26 at Providence, R.I. (Game 8)
Syracuse (4-4, 2-2)	2	3	--	5
Providence  (2-6, 1-4)	0	1	--	1
SCORING:  SU, Gabriel Gervais (Jeff Knittel) 6:06;  SU, GERVAIS  (Anthony Iannone) 21:24;  SU, Tim  Songer (Gervais) 58:21; SU, Gervais (Songer) 58:52; PC, Matt O'Toole (unassisted) 63:08; SU, Matt Torok (Iannone) 65:06.
SAVES:  SU, Dan Hobson 1; PC, Daniel Pires 3 (64:00), Chris Tate 0 (26:00)
Game Winning or Tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: Providence received a BIG EAST loss to foe Syracuse as Orangemen sophomore midfielder Gabriel Gervais scored three goals and added one assist for seven points. Freshman forward Tim Songer added a goal and assist for the Orangemen. Freshman forward Matt O'Toole scored the lone Friar goal.

September 28 at Providence, R.I. (Game 9)
St. John's  (8-0-1, 4-0)	3	1	-	4
Providence(2-7-0, 1-5-0)	0	1	-	1
SCORING:  SJU, Own Goal,  12:44;  SJU, CARLO ACQUISTA (Jesse Van Saun) 40:13; SJU, Stefani Miglioranzi (Acquista) 44:59; SJU, Robert Wile (Unassisted) 63:40; PC Juan Acevado (Dane Smith) 64:57.
SAVES:  SJU, Dani Braga 0 (64:57), Jeffrey Stoklosa 0 (25:03); PC, Daniel Pires 9.
Game Winning or tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: Defending national champion St. John's defeated the Friars with three different Red Storm players scoring. Providence was led by captain Juan Acevedo who scored the only goal for the Friars. Providence dropped to 2-7 overall, 1-5 in conference play.

October 1 at Kingston, R.I. (Game 10)
Providence (3-7)	0	2	-	2
Rhode Island (2-8)	0	1	-	1
SCORING:  URI, Steven DeMoura (unassisted) 54:01; PC, Bobby Brown (Juan Acevedo) 55:52; PC, MICHAEL EISENHUT (penalty kick) 76:04.
SAVES:  PC, Daniel Pires 8; URI, Anthony Latronica 5.
Game Winning or tying goal in CAPS

Game Notes: PC sophomore midfielder Michael Eisenhut scored the game-winning goal to give the Friars their third win of the season against state foe URI. Junior goalkeeper Daniel Pires registered eight saves preserving the win for the Friars. Junior midfielder Bobby Brown scored the Friars' first goal.

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