X and O's With Friar Lacrosse Instructional Video Series

    Head Coach Chris Burdick

    Head Coach Chris Burdick

    Oct. 25, 2010


    X and O's with Friar Lacrosse is a series of instruction videos designed to help players and coaches develop their inventory of skills, drills and schemes. The series will cover a wide range of teaching forums, from on the field individual drills and team schemes and training sessions to white board and video sessions with the Friar Lacrosse Staff.

    Drill: Over goal shooting
    Skills: play off step in - shot option.
    Goal: developing time and room shot efficiency, speed and accuracy.

    In this video, we demonstrate our over goal shooting drill. We specifically introduce this technique as part of our "Step In" offensive plan which allows our players to challenge time and room shooting opportunities while retaining triple threat options; shoot, feed, dodge. By shooting over a goal into a second goal, out players are forced to get full arm extension which will create better shot velocity. The over hand shooting action helps maintain triple threat options while offering an increase in lateral accuracy on the goal.

    X and O's With Friar Lacrosse Instructional Video Series - Overhand Shooting Development