Men's Lacrosse Participates In Team Building Program

The Friars participated in a team building program on Monday, Oct. 21.

Oct. 23, 2013

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The Providence College men's lacrosse team participated in a team building program on Monday, Oct. 21. Retired LTC. Mark Tribus from "Mark Tribus-Building Winning Teams," led the Friars through a series of team building and leadership exercises. The physical and mental challenges set forth by Tribus helped the Providence College lacrosse program to grow as a unit.

Head Coach Chris Gabrielli was excited to have his program under Mark's leadership. "We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Mark Tribus and his team this week," said Head Coach Chris Gabrielli. "Mark's expertise in Team Building and Leadership Development is second to none, and his impact is immediate and lasting!"

Tribus is a graduate of West Point, in addition to Harvard Business School. Tribus served a twenty year career in the United States Army where he served a combat tour in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. He has a true passion for leadership development and team building. He focuses on designing inspirational exercises that create lasting change. Tribus is currently the CEO of his own firm, Mark Tribus, Inc. He is committed to building winning teams, one leader at a time.

Tribus is a well experienced leadership coach. He has conducted over 100 team building experiences for a variety of organizations ranging from athletic teams, business executives and doctors to collegiate scholar programs.

The Friar lacrosse program completed a series of exercises that challenged them both physically and mentally. In addition to team building, the exercises demanded players to develop themselves as leaders. "Mark not only helped our team realize that their physical capabilities far exceed their preconceived limitations, but he also taught our team about leading self, the selfless leadership others, trust, love, respect and how to effectively communicate with your teammates and coaches," Gabrielli stated.

Gabrielli believes that the tactics illustrated by Tribus can help the Providence College lacrosse program to compete at the championship level. "I'd like to thank our very supportive Alumni base for providing us with the resources to bring in such an accomplished and impactful Team Building, and Leadership Development expert," Gabrielli stated. "Our coaches and players have been provided with the tools to help build a Championship Program!"

Below are a series of exercises that the Friars participated in. Please click on the name of each exercise to watch the Friars illustrate the team building and leadership experiences created by Mark Tribus.

Coming Into The Circle of Energy

In the circle


Modified Tug of War

Flutter Kicks

Holding Rifles Over Head




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