Men's Basketball Blog - Ancient Rome Day 8

Aug. 21, 2014

Day 8 - Ancient Rome

Written by Carson Desrosiers:

Wednesday, August 20, in Rome, Italy started off with a nice, light, Italian breakfast before we were off to the Colosseum (not Coliseum, you learn something new everyday). Our tour guide, Georgio, was a little difficult to understand but he proved to be very knowledgeable throughout the tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The first thing about the Colosseum that stands out is its size. More than 65,000 spectators filled the stands when the gladiators were fighting and the Colosseum was bigger before a fire destroyed the wooden seats at the highest point of the arena. I think all of us were in awe when we first walked through a tunnel and stood high above the Colosseum arena floor. Phones came out for pictures immediately. Personally, I tried to imagine the roar of the crowd as gladiators fought below. At each stop along the tour, Georgio would tell us little nuggets of information, such as over 500 animals were killed during gladiator fights and that the entire Colosseum was covered in marble and murals that have since been ruined by an earthquake, time, and looters. From the Colosseum, we continued on to the Roman Forum, an ancient area in which all of Ancient Rome's government buildings are still recognizable 2,000 years later. Today was by far the most interesting day of our Italy visit.

Following our tours of the Colosseum and Forum, the team and staff visited the Providence College/CEA Center for Theology and Religious Studies in Rome. The center coordinates semester long study abroad programs for PC students to study theology and religion. The staff welcomed us with a tour and presentation that explained the exciting opportunity PC students have to study abroad in Rome. Find out more at



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