Men's Basketball Blog From Italy - Day 4 In Florence

    Aug. 17, 2014

    Day Four - Florence first day

    Today the Friars spent the day wandering around the beautiful city of Firenze, a.k.a. Florence. Culture, history, and beauty abound in this city , but the one thing that everyone had in common for the day was the tasty treat called gelato. If you've been to Italy, you'll understand why. Gelato is Italian for ice cream, but then again, it's not. Gelato a frozen treat for sure, but a bit different than the American variety. It's displayed at gelaterias everywhere in glass cases filled with deep trays of colorful goodness. It comes in a huge variety of flavors and we've all been devouring our favorite flavors (and sampling new ones) each day.

    Here are some team favorite flavors: Tom Planek: Mint chocolate chip Coach Jackson: Melon Coach Kurbec: Cookies Father Mark: Melon Carson Desrosiers: Pistachio Ted Bancroft: Café (coffee) Coach Cooley: Chocolate Coach LaFleaur: Cherry Coach Simon: Caramel Coach Blaney: Lemon Kyron Cartwright: Strawberry Junior Lomomba: Melon Rodney Bullock: Banana Kris Dunn: Strawberry