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For most home games and selected other contests, offers live statistics for you to view as a game is in progress. Providence athletics staff - or their counterparts at other schools - input statistics into a laptop, and they are then transmitted to and can be viewed via GameTracker.

For Live Stats:
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What sports offer live stats?
Live stats from the Providence Athletics Department are provided for the following sports: basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball and volleyball. In addition to home games, live stats are available for select road games thanks to PC's partnership with the College Network.

How do I view live stats?
If the sport is listed above, go to the sport's schedule page on Click the game in the schedule. Next to the schedule, a box with that specific game's details will appear. If GameTracker is available for the event, there will be a graphic indicating that under the Coverage section. Click on it to launch the live stats window.

What programs do I need to view live stats?
Please download the latest free version of Macromedia Flash Player. The latest player will enable you to view the flash content in the live statistics window. A broadband connection to the internet will provide the best experience. The content will also pop up in a new window or tab so please disable your popup blocker to allow the window to appear.

Live stats from this site are not matching radio, TV...
Athletics staff at the game are uploading stats to a laptop as the game unfolds. Staff are usually located in the press box and receive official stats as determined by officials. At times, mistakes can occur. Stats can also be corrected by an official on the field, etc.

Remember, the play has to happen, be confirmed, recorded to the laptop at the game and be transmitted to your live stats window. Please be patient. Our live statistics will reflect the best possible information as it happens from the game.

The live stats haven't updated in a long time...
In the unlikely event a program stalls or the connection is lost, please close your live stats window and launch a new GameTracker window. Go to the sport's schedule, find the event and click the GameTracker link.

Where can I find the final box score?
The live stats page only provides information for games that are in progress and may be unofficial. For the official final stats, please view the schedule or game recap after the game.

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