Jimmy Walker Strength and Conditioning Center

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    Located in The Concannon Fitness Center, The Jimmy Walker Strength and Conditioning Center is a 3,600 square foot area dedicated to the Friars' 19 intercollegiate athletic teams. The facility houses over 10 tons of free weights, including dumb bells ranging from five to 150 pounds and a full set of kettle bells. All hand weights, iron plates and bumper plate sets are engraved with one of the College's athletic logos. There are six Power Racks, each with an Olympic Weight-lifting platform. These training stations are extremely versatile and allow numerous athletes to perform a variety of exercises simultaneously. The facility also houses 'tools' such as stability balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, weighted vests, weighted jump ropes, plyometric jump boxes, dot drill mats, slide boards, lateral slant boards, lateral skaters, agility ladders, hurdles and numerous apparatuses to develop trunk strength and core stabilization. There also are two Woodway high performance treadmills that max out at 16.5 miles per hour.