Q: If I am already a seat license donor, do I need to make an additional gift?
A: Your annual gift at your designated seat license level will fulfill your seat license requirement. Additional donations to the Friars Forever Athletic Fund, to your sport of choice, or to the PC Fund will provide you with additional priority points that translate to increased benefits and exclusive access to future events.

Q: Does my Friars Forever Athletic Fund gift include ticket prices?
A: No. Seat license contributions are in addition to season ticket prices and will be broken out separately on your ticket invoice.

Q: What are the tax implications and procedures of donor-based seating?
A: The Internal Revenue Code states that if seating priority for an athletic event held at PC is accepted as a direct result of a gift, the donor's gift shall be deductible at 80% of the amount contributed. Please consult your tax advisor.

Q: If I share tickets with other people can we split the required donation as well?
A: No. The ticket holder of record must make the gift.

Q: When is my seat license donation and season ticket payment due?
A: Payment for seat licensing and season tickets is due at the time tickets are ordered. If you choose to pay by credit card, you may divide your seat license contribution into 2 equal automatic payments. The second installment will be charged on January 15.

Q: Will I retain the same seats as long as I make the minimum donation to the Friars Forever Athletic Fund?
A: Yes. All seat locations will be retained as long as all season ticket holders meet the required donation amount specific to their seat locations.

Q: If I choose not to make a gift, what are my seating options?
A: If you choose not to make a donation, you will have the option to purchase tickets elsewhere in the arena where donations are not required. Please note, available seats are limited and moves cannot be guaranteed.

Q: Can I transfer my points?
A: All points are non transferable

Q: What is the difference between Friars Forever Athletic Fund benefits and priority points benefits?
A: The benefits outlined on the Friars Forever Athletic Fund Benefits Chart are awarded for annual donations to athletics. Priority points are accumulated on a four-year cycle and are awarded for donations to the athletic department and the PC Fund.

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